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Photo Montages

Creative Photo Montage Service

Don’t let your photos languish in an album or be locked away in a box. Instead, turn them into an exciting photo montage video so they can be shared and enjoyed. Photo videos make wonderful gifts for family members, for those favorite neighbors who moved away or to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren. They can be used for a variety of events:photo montage services

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Graduations / Awards Celebrations
  • Memorial Services.

Croom Video Services professionals will work with you to create your vision for your video. We believe that the images and music should complement each other to tell your story. While other companies may simply drop your photos and music into an automated slideshow generator and hope for the best, we take care in matching the special effects and pacing to the mood and timing of your music. Your result is a moving, emotional video experience that you’ll want to watch again and again.

And if you need help showing your photo montages at an event, Croom Video Services can help you with the projection equipment. Contact us for details.

 What types of media can go into a photo montage?

  • Print Pictures
  • Digital Images
  • Video Clips
  • Titles
  • Graphics.

It’s easy to get started.

  1. Select the photos that you want to include. As a rule of thumb, 100 photos equals about 10 minutes of video. Photo montages for viewing during an event should be about 10 – 15 minutes in length.
  2. Sort your photos and put them in chronological order. Start with the early photos and work your way forward to the present day. You may have some photos or groups of photos that will work better in their own little chronological sequences; such as, career, job or business photos, house photos, lake home photos, vacations, grand-kids, etc.
  3. Number your photos on the back with either a pencil or stickers (post-it notes work well). DO NOT USE a pen as the ink may rub off onto the other photos.
  4. Do you want music and titles? Think about the songs you would like to accompany your pictures. If you’re stuck for titles we’ll be glad to make suggestions. A typical 10 minute slideshow will need 3-4 songs at minimum.Consider using a greeting at the beginning and some closing statement at the end of your video. For example, if you are making an anniversary video, you could simply put “Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad” at the beginning and “With Love, From All Of Us” at the end. Or, if you wish, you can be more personal and creative in your titles. Why not try poetry or a favorite quotation?
  5. You’re ready to go. Contact us to get started.

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